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June 10, 2009
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Edadh and Uiluann by PrimalAce Edadh and Uiluann by PrimalAce
This is my impression of a world created and described by two talented brothers [link]

It is called Edaðh. As you can see it's a disc-world. From their website:

"Edaðh is roughly disc-shaped and conical. Many people have now sailed to the edge of the world to see for themselves the Infinite Waterfalls: the places where the waters of the seas fall away forever."

I tried to create an image of this world based on realism and pseudo science. In my interpretation the waterfalls at the edge of the world fall and gather around the underearth creating vast cloud formations. These formations make their way back towards the surface where they fall as rain, replenishing the oceans.

The moon Uiluann is a perpetually cloud covered ocean world that orbits within Edaðh's atmosphere. My explanation as to how this can possibly work is that the moon doesn't orbit within the atmosphere but instead creates so much of it itself that the excess forms a bridge of sorts to Edaðh. This could be due to life that grows in its ocean. In any case theres going to be some artistic licence here.

Hope you all like it. I know its been a while since I submitted anything substantial and I'm glad I got this done. Check out the website above and find out what this pictures all about.

Photoshop CS4
6 hours straight lol
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exit406 Mar 25, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
would it be possible to use one of your awsesome pictures for cd cover if so how would I go about that?
Very good, specially the details of clouds, It gives me an idea of how the mechanism of the clouds can (possibly) work in a world like this... Great concept!
GeneralKellie Nov 24, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's Beautiful and Awesome at the same time ^^
hi! i see this awesome art and i think that are totally great man! this world is unbelave !!! I supose the gravity type and the interesting geography of this incredible planet! just amazing !!!!!!
wow. this is just... ... wow.

i love the slight curve. its as if it was once part of a much, much larger world at one time. i love it.

only one question; where is the light source? how does the seasons go about and what not??
I think you'll find that's two questions ;)

The light source is to the far right in that picture and as for the seasons you'll have to ask the guys that imagined the world in the first place. There is a link in the description.
you did not make it?
I painted it, but I didn't design the concept, I just imagined what it would look like from a description.
oh. still great job.
This is absurdly epic.
bravo! =D
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